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“This riveting book takes you inside the intricate human drama of real death penalty cases — defendants who are guilty and those who are innocent — in a way you will not forget. Some of these stories will shock and challenge even the strongest proponents of capital punishment. ‘Quest for Justice; Defending the Damned’ is a must read for those who care about justice in America.” Barry Scheck, Prof. of Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Co-Director of the Innocence Project.

“An excellent account of what passes for justice in Alabama – innocent people sentenced to death and saved from execution only by the good fortune of getting Richard Jaffe to take their case, eccentric pistol-packing judges, and pervasive racism. It is also about the humanity of the guilty and well as the innocent. We meet them up close, get to know them and realize that they are much more than the worst thing they did in their lives.” Stephen Bright, President and Senior Counsel of Southern Center for Human Rights.

“This book tells the stories of people once convicted and sentenced to death and later acquitted of the same charges. It tells how it happened, shows the criminal courts are fallible and that poor people facing the death penalty may live or die depending on the competence and dedication of the lawyers appointed to defend them.” Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Harvard Law Professor.

“Quest for Justice is both a gripping legal thriller and a chilling indictment of the death penalty. The inside story of how Richard Jaffe saved the lives of three innocent men who were already on Death Row illustrates why he is one of the most remarkable criminal defense attorneys in America.” Maryanne Vollers, author, Ghosts of Mississippi and Lone Wolf: Eric Rudolph and the Legacy of American Terror

“The criminal justice system has been the least impacted by change in matters related to race in our nation. This writing by Richard Jaffe is a ‘rock in a weary land’ on the subject. We owe him a great deal for this important, yea, critical work.” Reverend Joseph Lowery, Recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom, and delivered closing prayer at inauguration of President Barack Obama.

“This poignant and insightful book tells the story of America’s experience with capital punishment as only a person on the front lines can tell it. Richard Jaffe is the person to tell this story. With each new chapter, you meet the people who the state has sought to kill and begin to understand why Jaffe has devoted his life to saving them. Quest for Justice will change the way you feel about capital punishment and the men and women on America’s death row.” Professor Penny White, Elvin E. Overton Distinguished Professor of Law and Director, Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution, U of Tennessee College of Law.

“Quest for Justice” is a rare look inside the mind of an attorney who has devoted his life to fighting for justice and freeing the innocent. His courage, persistence and intelligence are a gift to all of us who care about true justice and liberty. Richard’s gripping story should be required reading for anyone interested in criminal justice in America.” –Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, authors of “The Exonerated” and “Living Justice”

“The sad truth is that the justice system is imperfect at best and a death sentence, once served, is flat and final. Richard Jaffe has for years stood in the way of that rush to justice, and here, with real drama, tells his story. He takes us inside a world where a rusty gun in the weeds, not fired in recent memory, can somehow become a murder weapon that can send a man to death row, a world where flawed and even fictional testimony can put a needle in a man’s arm.” Rick Bragg,Professor of writing at the University of Alabama, author of “All Over but the Shoutin'” and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing.